ROSPlan Overview

The ROSPlan framework provides a collection of tools for AI Planning in a ROS system. ROSPlan has a variety of nodes which encapsulate planning, problem generation, and plan execution.

Demo system

Knowledge Base


The Knowledge Base stores the PDDL model. It stores both a domain model and the current problem instance. The Knowledge Base:

Problem Interface


The Problem Interface node is used to generate a problem instance. It fetches the domain details and current state through service calls to a Knowledge Base node and publishes a PDDL problem instance as a string, or writes it to file.

Planner Interface


The Planner Interface node is a wrapper for the AI Planner. The planner is called through a service, which returns true if a solution was found. This interface feeds the planner with a domain file and problem instance, and calls the planner with a command line specified by parameter.

Parsing Interface


The Parsing Interface node is used to convert planner output into a plan representation that can be executed, and whose actions can be dispatched to other parts of the system.

Plan Dispatch


Plan Dispatch includes plan execution, and the process of connecting single actions to the processes which are responsible for their execution. An implementation of the Plan Dispatch node subscribes to a plan topic, and is closely tied to the plan representation of plans published on that topic.